Why a Jacksonville Wedding DJ?

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A lot of people ask me why I do what I do. With all the celebrities I've met and after so many years of working in "glamourous" industries like radio and television, why be a Jacksonville wedding DJ? The truth is, what I really enjoy about working in radio is having the opportunity to play music in front of crowds. Being in the studio all by myself is boring. What I love more than anything is broadcasting live on location!

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I came to Jacksonville, FL from Los Angeles for a radio job and stayed because I fell in love. Paulina's family is here in Jacksonville and after we got married, we decided this was where we would stay. Now, Paulina is one of the most successful makeup artists in the region, and I'm lucky to be able to continue doing what I love, thanks to both iHeartRadio and brides and grooms all over Jacksonville. Paulina and I have won numerous wedding industry awards and get to work with some of the best planners, photographers and venues around. We're close to family and most importantly, we have each other.

Refined, Modern, Hip.

Your wedding is a new beginning and the birth of your love story. It represents your new life - together. The photographer is going to supply the vision and create the images that will last for many years to come. The music however, is the beating heart of the night. The right DJ sets the tone from start to finish and will leave a lasting impression with you and your guests. Our favorite clients are excited about their wedding and are looking forward to one of the best nights of their lives. Skip Kelly Productions is for couples who want their wedding to be classy, but not stuffy. Entertaining, but not cheesy. Hip, but still fun for everyone.

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So many young, inexperienced Jacksonville wedding DJs are desperately trying to "hit the big time." They're tacky and they try too hard. Skip Kelly Productions has already been there. We have nothing to prove. We don't have an ego and our experience has taught us that the most important person in the room is YOU, our client. We are wedding DJs because we love what we do. When you hire Skip Kelly Productions for your wedding, you don't get a wedding DJ, you get a true professional.

Yes, this was at one of our weddings!

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